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General Planning

Why is it that most Americans fail to plan for the future? Many surveys have concluded that it comes down to one word...procrastination.

If that were really the case, people would eventually get it done out of necessity like their taxes.

So why don’t we plan for the future? The reality is that it’s too complex a puzzle for most to solve on their own. Many people are unsure as to where to even start.

Consider these 6 typical goals:

  • Maintaining current lifestyle
  • Debt reduction
  • Saving for college
  • Purchasing a new home or vacation home
  • Protecting your family or business
  • Retirement

Think of each goal as the side of a puzzle. The goal is to get the colors on each side to match but rarely are more than 2 sides solved, and it’s at the expense of the other 4 sides.

For instance, let’s assume that you’re already saving for your children’s college, and fully contribute to your retirement plan at work. You might end up putting everything else on hold because you don’t want to change your current lifestyle.

A flexible, efficient, well executed strategy allows us to solve all six sides at once without disrupting the most important side, our current lifestyle.

SC&A is a team of professionals that include a financial planner, a money manager, an insurance professional and two CPAs. We’ll help you develop an efficient solution to the 6 sides of your puzzle.

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