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If retirement planning is something you do to prepare for retirement, is the assumption that because we make it to the top of the mountain and retire that we’re set for life? Why is it that some of the people who manage to climb to retirement fail after they retire? Why is it that almost 25% of the deaths on Mount Everest occurred on the way down?

The answer to both questions is simple.

A successful retirement involves a different set of tools, a different set of rules and a different approach once you retire. It’s the same as mountain climbing…the path up the mountain is not necessarily the most efficient (or safest) path back down. You need to have your plans and tools in place before you reach the top because no one is going to airlift gear to you that you forgot to pack (or didn’t know you needed) halfway up or halfway down the mountain. 

The problem is that almost every financial services advertisement deals with the accumulation of wealth... going up the mountain. But what about cash flow from that wealth? What about detours along the way? What about getting back down the mountain in one piece? 

Where are those ads?

That’s where we come in. SC&A is a team of financial advisors, financial representatives and professionals dedicated to helping you craft a plan for scaling YOUR mountain, and getting you back down in one piece.

Because the climb to retirement is only part of the journey®

Meet The Partners

Greg  Stoumbelis

Greg Stoumbelis*

Managing Partner, Investment Advisor Representative


Jerry  Catalano

Jerry Catalano, CPA*

Senior Partner, Financial Services Professional


Meet The Staff

Julia Degraff

Julia Degraff

Customer Support Group Client Services | PPC®


Haley Marchewka

Haley Marchewka

Customer Support Individual Client Services


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