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Life Style Protection

Disability Insurance

Many people take out insurance policies for their homes and cars, but forget about their most important asset – the ability to work and earn a living. If you become ill or are injured and cannot work, disability insurance can help replace a portion of your income to help cover financial needs.

Types of Disability Insurance

  • Individual Disability Income Insurance
  • Employer-Provided Disability Income Insurance

When you can’t work, disability insurance works for you!

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Long Term Care

Prepare for your aging years to reduce the expense and burden of long-term care on your loved ones.

You want to live out the last days of your life as comfortably and with as much dignity as possible. Whether you prefer home health care or living in a nursing home, preparation can reduce the expense and burden of long-term care on your loved ones.

Lack of long-term care coordination can lead to disputes within any family, regardless of its economic status.

The companies of OneAmerica® offer specific products, based on life insurance and annuities, which can provide long-term care benefits if care is needed. If you never need care, your asset passes to the next generation and becomes part of your legacy — making asset-based long-term care an innovative alternative to traditional long-term care insurance.

Learn how to make financial decisions now that can help support your loved ones emotionally and financially. Contact us to find out more about these nontraditional products.

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