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Helping you get down the mountain...
History tells us that 282 people died on Mount Everest between 1924 and June 2016. Of those deaths, 70 died coming down from the summit. In other words, 25% of those that died, did so on the way down. They met with some measure of success, but ultimately failed. That of course is assuming the goal was to get to the summit and back down.

Almost every financial service commercial, radio spot, or print ad today deals with the accumulation of wealth. It doesn’t matter whether the money is for college, a special project, or even retirement. The industry has consumers focused solely on accumulation - going up the mountain, but what about distribution - getting back down?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work with a team that didn’t focus solely on the climb up, but also helped you plan for getting back down the mountain?

Isn’t that the goal of every major mountain climbing expedition? Shouldn’t that be YOUR goal?

SC&A is a team of financial advisors, financial representatives and professionals dedicated to helping you craft a plan for scaling the mountain, and getting back down.


“ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”